The Garden of Flowers and Weeds

2021 S&P Award Winner

Winner in Best Spiritual Books of 2021
“A generation-defining rendering of one of the great Zen Buddhist scriptures.”
– Spirituality and Practice Magazine

A New Translation and Commentary
on the Blue Cliff Record

The Blue Cliff Record stands as one of the preeminent scriptures of Zen Buddhism. However, until now there has been no published commentary by a contemporary Zen Master to assist readers in understanding its counterintuitive and baffling teachings.

The Garden of Flowers and Weeds contains a new translation of each of the 100 koans in the Blue Cliff Record. As well as a commentary on each case, the book includes translator’s notes, a glossary, lineage charts, an index, and an introduction which sets out the history of Zen Buddhism in China.

The Garden of Flowers and Weeds draws on contemporary scholarship and the oral traditions of Zen to offer new insights for readers looking to uncover the secrets of the koan tradition. The theme of the book is simple: Accepting the unenlightened self with all its flaws is the most profound form of enlightenment.

Release date: November 2021

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